Forming Ideas into Reality
Our typical customers are in the food processing,
health care, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and
printing industries.
We work in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel .
We specialize in stainless steel and are excellent
Gage sizes include 26 gage through 2" plate.  We
can work from your Autocad drawings or hand
drawn sketches.  We also have Autocad design
capability, all based on your need.
The Heckert Guarantee
If any Heckert product does not meet the
specifications you have provided, - or if the
product fails to perform (because of faulty materials
or workmanship) in the service it was designed,
Heckert will repair or replace the product to your
Heckert Systems has grown from our fabrication
shop (Heckert Sheet Metal Works), which supplies
industrial fabricated metals of all kinds.
We continue to expand our capabilities to include
supplying meat and poultry processing equipment,
vertical weighers, and packaging machines.  
We've been in business since 1919.
Our headquarters is in Kansas City.
We perform work nationwide.